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Baby Bath

Bath Babies

Each class has a gentle structure that we feel into what is needed from our parents and babies that day

Swim with Style offer bath babies from birth.

Each baby is welcomed into the warm water, in their own baby bath and space. Their first water experiences are controlled, the water depth, the temperature, their time in the water with the 100% presence of their parent.


This is the beauty of Bath Babies, unique in every way, which separates the experience from a baby swim class. What is so magical is that baby can enjoy their first unfolding water moves.


Little twists and turns, pushes, splashes, rocks and rolls. Acclimatising gently to the water, parents feel into their confidence of handling their baby in water. Water time is a moving time, often full is splashes, swooshes and whooshes.

Small cute big-eyed beautiful baby bathes in warm water in the hands of a caring mother. T

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